Monday to Friday I set my alarm for 06:10 to get up and go to work, so why on earth would I willingly set my alarm for the same time on a Saturday? The answer is simple – because I am going trail running with Love Trail Running and I love it! In fact, it is the highlight of my week.

I started running a couple of years ago, nothing terribly serious, just running around the block to try and get fit after having had a baby. I then realised that I was starting to quite enjoy it especially as I was making progress with the distance, slowly starting to increase it up to 5km and then a little bit more each time. I entered my first 10km soon after and was thrilled with how far I had come with my running. I’d never really considered myself a ‘runner’ before!

Going for a run during the working week is a convenient way to stay fit, there’s no time spent travelling to a gym and with a little bit of planning it’s possible to find 30 minutes to do a quick loop around the block. As much as I love my quick loops around the block, all week I’m thinking about my weekend run on the trails.

I came across Love Trail Running after wanting to experience something different with my running. I wanted to get out of the Manchester suburbs and into the hills. Love Trail Running organise regular trail runs for runners of varying abilities and their professional guides plan the most amazing routes around the trails and countryside.

There are so many reasons why I’m enjoying running with Love Trail Running, but mostly it is because they are really friendly and welcoming; it is very accessible – I was worried it was going to be a bunch of elite runners but it really isn’t like that, it’s a group of people who enjoy running and want to appreciate the wonderful surroundings we have on our doorstep; and nothing quite beats that feeling of running through beautiful woodlands or across picturesque landscapes.

So my early start on a Saturday is most definitely worth it. I come back home feeling a sense of accomplishment, refreshed and set up for the weekend. I just wish my early alarm call on the other days of the week meant I could start my day on the trails.

Sonia De La Fuente - LTR enthusiast since 2016

"I came across Love Trail Running at a time when my motivation to run on local roads was low, it had become boring and as a result my fitness was not improving. 

The Saturday morning LTR’s are perfect for me as there’s no excuse of being tired after a long day’s work, plus it doesn’t impact on other plans I have for the weekend. As soon as I started, my fitness began to improve and I now run the usual 8 - 10 miles no problem at all and most importantly - I'm really enjoying it! 

Rain or shine the Northwest of England provides the backdrop to the LTR’s - each run is a different adventure, exploring new routes and footpaths I never knew existed. By it’s very nature, this fabulous part of the country provides some challenging terrain and with each run lasting approximately 2hrs there’s no doubt that each Saturday is a new challenge. If you’re thinking about getting into trail running, I am certain that the LTR's would be very rewarding for all those looking for a change. 

I would definitely recommend.”

Claire - LTR enthusiast since 2012

"Always interesting, always a challenge, always good company and always a massive sense of achievement at the end. Well worth getting out bed for on a Saturday morning!”

Amanda - LTR enthusiast

"I just love the fact that we run in such a variety of different places making each LTR quite unique."

Toria - LTR enthusiast 

"As someone who can just about run a 10k in under 60 mins on a good day, I have always found the trail runs accessible, inclusive and good fun. They offer an opportunity for a sociable run at a manageable pace with a chance to take in some wonderful views"

Vicki - LTR enthusiast