How it works


  • Carefully read our group descriptions (see below) and decide which type of run would best suit your current fitness & ability.

  • View our events here or on Eventbrite or Facebook to see which relevant guided trail runs are available to book on.

  • Book onto your chosen run through our Eventbrite page or the link in the Facebook event.

  • Prepare to arrive on the day of the run in good time and ready to hit the trails.

  • Anyone who joins & completes a LTR will earn loyalty points - view our loyalty points table here.

LTR Intro (Novice)

Are you looking to improve your enjoyment of keeping fit and like the idea of group trail running, but the prospect of actually doing it is a little too daunting? If you consider yourself a novice, who is looking to start or improve your confidence and basic skills of trail running, our Intro's are the perfect way to get on the trails without any pressure whatsoever. With a maximum of 15 runners per Intro we guarantee you will feel well looked after. They'll be a minimum of 5-7km in length, with a mix of walking, jogging and easy running and will include multiple stops along the way - we'll constantly make sure the group's ok and that everyone's had chance to admire their surroundings. It's important that everyone who books onto this run is 100% comfortable with going no faster than the pace of the guide and waiting to re-group on numerous occasions. For notifications and group interaction join the Facebook group. Cost: £7.50 (Early bird) Loyalty Points: 5 (View here)

LTR Taster (Aspiring)

Our Tasters are approximately 10km in length and are ideal if you're a keen trail runner and have aspirations of joining one of our more challenging & longer 'Regular' runs. The Tasters are not suitable for inexperienced or novice runners - good fitness, balance and stability is required and we aim to keep on the move as much as possible.  We're confident anyone who's fit & has experience of running off-road would be capable of completing the route. Those who book onto a Taster will experience a variety of incredible running environments with friendly people, who all share a passion for trail running. We have a maximum of 20runners per Taster. For notifications and group interaction join the Facebook group. Cost: £10.00 (Early bird) Loyalty Points: 5 (View here)

LTR Regular (Trail lover)

Numbered LTR's (e.g. LTR62 - Barley) are our Regular runs. These are aimed at seasoned trail runners and those who are comfortable running virtually non-stop for at least 15km on challenging terrain at a steady pace for 2hrs or more. If you would like to book straight onto one of our Regular runs but have not previously been on one of our Tasters please contact us for clarification of the participation requirements. Those who are physically comfortable with the dynamics of a Regular will experience a variety of incredible running environments with friendly people, who all share a passion for trail-running. We have a maximum of 20 runners per Regular. For notifications and group interaction join the Facebook group. Cost: £10.00 (Early bird) Loyalty Points: 10 (View here)

LTR Special Events

Special Event LTRs are aimed at Trail Lover and range from Half-Marathons, Marathons & uLTRas to comprehensive Trail Running Weekends. Those who book on our Special Events will experience a variety of incredible running environments with friendly people, who all share a passion for spending extended periods out on the trails. Aimed at trail lovers, being mentally & physically comfortable running long distances on challenging terrain is a prerequisite. If you'd like to book straight onto one of our Special Events but have not previously been on one of our Regulars please contact us for clarification of participation requirements. Cost: £15+ Loyalty Points: 15+ (View here)



Q: Am I allowed to take my own photos of the runs?

A: We advocate taking your own photos (at appropriate times) but please note, only the LTR guides images will appear on our page. 

Q: How do I notify LTR that I would like to join a particular run?

A: Please purchase a LTR 'ticket' from the appropriate Eventbrite LTR page.

Q: How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

A: We can be contacted via email - or via phone - Rodger on 07946 568844 or Sarah on 07854 816244.

Q: Are there ID requirements or an age limit to book onto the event?

A: No ID is required to run with us. All runners must be aged 18 or over, except in the case of any runner aged 16-17 - they must have a parent/guardian running with them.

Q: What if I can't make it on the day?

A: Please inform us by telephone, text, email or Facebook if you are unable to attend.

Q: Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

A: If you provide us with a minimum of 72hrs notice you cannot attend, your ticket can be transferred to a similar ticket within 3 months.

Q: What if I'm going to be late?

A: You should call Rodger 07946 568844, Sarah 07854 816244 or Beau 07588 609303 to inform them, and they will decide if the group can wait for you or not. Depending on the location this may not be possible due to signal restrictions.

Q: What can't I bring to the LTR?

A: We must insist runners do not wear headphones as it's important any verbal cues given by the guide can be clearly heard. As much as we love them ourselves, we do not allow dogs on the LTRs.

Q: What if I fall behind?

A: The relevant group will run together but if someone is unable to, the LTR guide may adjust the pace accordingly but there is a responsibility for you to arrive in good health ready to run appropriate to the prescribed intensity of the group, whether it be an 'Intro', 'Taster', 'Regular' or a 'Special Event'. It is the runners responsibility to clarify you meet the participation requirement for the group prior to the run.

Q: What if I get injured?

A: Each lead guide is a qualified First Aider and will have a medical kit and an emergency action plan to utilise if such a situation arises.

Q: What's the maximum number of runners on a LTR?

A: The total number of runners will not exceed 20 per lead runner. We operate on a first come first served basis via Eventbrite. There is also a waiting list available for each run for when they become fully booked, we will contact you if a space becomes available.

Q: How will I know if a LTR has been cancelled?

A: If for example, the weather is very severe or an unforeseen circumstance arises, then the run may get cancelled last minute. Where possible you may receive a phone call or an email (via Eventbrite) so if you're unsure whether the run's going ahead we urge you to double check before you leave.

Q: How do I check how many loyalty points I have?

A: Post run we add the appropriate points to our Loyalty Points table - you can view it HERE.