Loyalty Scheme

At Love Trail Running we appreciate & value what you bring to our guided trail runs.

How many points do I earn?

Intro 5 - Taster 5 - Regular 10 - LTR Special 15+ - LTR 1-2-1 30

What can I buy with my points?

75 points  - LTR Keyring - LTR Mouse Mat

100 points - LTR Coffee Mug - LTR Drawstring Bag

150 points - LTR Cap/Beanie - LTR Foot Towel 

200 points - LTR Umbrella - LTR T-Shirt  

250 points - LTR Polo Shirt - LTR Trainer Bag

300 points - LTR Hoodie - LTR Casual Jacket

350 points - LTR Holdall - LTR 1-2-1 Voucher

450 points - LTR Down Jacket

All LTR apparel is available to buy with each point being worth 10p eg: LTR Down Jacket - 450 points = £45 (Correct as of 15.01.2017)

Terms and Conditions

  • Points are awarded to trail runners that book on and subsequently complete one of our LTR's.
  • Your current points totals can be checked via the link above.
  • Points are redeemable at any time of the calendar year January - December.
  • Points are not carried forward into a new year and are reset to zero on January 1st.
  • Points have to be redeemed before the end of the year.
  • To redeem points please go to our Facebook Shop and click 'message' on the desired item to enquire about availability.
  • Points can be used against items up to 100% discount.
  • For items you would like but are short of points for - the balance can be made up with a payment.
  • All items are subject to availability.
  • The 3 trail runners with the highest points totals as of 17.12.17 will receive a bonus of: 1st = 200 / 2nd = 150 / 3rd = 100.
  • For queries regarding our loyalty scheme - please email us at welovetrailrunning@gmail.com
  • We reserve the right to update the loyalty scheme points and terms & conditions.