Love Trail Running guides pride ourselves on being friendly, reliable, trustworthy, helpful and informative. We also aim to inspire the people we guide. We appreciate all types of feedback from each and every runner, which helps us to develop the standard of our service.  We have a wealth of experience in managing a variety of trail running groups. Going forward our aim is to encourage more runners to get out and enjoy the freedom non-competitive, guided trail running provides. 


I'm a passionate trail runner and have spent over 15 years building up a vast network of intricate trails in the Northwest of England from which to plan these unique guided trail runs. A former footballer, I switched to triathlon after seeing it debut at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. After 10 years of competing I qualified as a Level 3 Triathlon Coach & now guide LTRs and coach for Racepace on a full time basis. On my days off - you just might see me out and about on the trails.. 



I started trail running as part of my training for triathlon and soon fell in love with the total freedom it gives. I absolutely love the role of guiding people, allowing them to enjoy trail running in so many new and exciting places as well as keeping fit and healthy. As a woman I appreciate how comfortable it can feel to run in a group, especially out 'in the middle of nowhere'. If you are new to trail running our runs are a great way to meet new like-minded people, so don't keep putting it off, come and have some fun with us on the trails! 




I'm an aspiring triathlete, and over the last few years running on the trails has become my favourite type of exercise. I appreciate the need for balance, and I know that social, group trail running is the perfect antidote for the harder sessions I undertake. I am continually running new LTR routes across Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire and building up a wealth of local knowledge. I really enjoy the challenge of guiding others especially those who embrace our scenic and rewarding runs. Read my blog HERE. 





Following an ‘injury ravaged’ career as a Professional Footballer in my late teens and early twenties, I initially took up running as a means of keeping fit but soon got the running ‘bug’ after discovering Trail Running. Over the past couple of years I have competed in various Trail races over a variety of distances from 10k up to Ultra Marathon whilst at the same time spending most weekends enjoying the social, scenic runs in the ‘Regular’ group with LTR. I am now lucky enough to be part of the LTR team guiding the fantastic people we meet and helping to ensure they feel welcome and enjoy the runs just as much as I do!