• Brookside Garage (map)
  • 47 Padiham Road
  • Sabden BB7 9EW

Event: LTR66 - Sabden
Level: Regular (Trail Lover)
Date: Saturday 11th February
Distance: 16km
Time: 8:00am Start
Guides: Rodger, Beau and Sarah
Loyalty: 10 points

What is an LTR Regular? To book onto our 'Regulars' you must be capable of running at a steady pace on tricky terrain for 2 hours or more. Unless you are a confident and frequent trail runner we please ask you to try our most accommodating 'Intro' run or at least one of our 'Tasters' first - we can then advise whether stepping up to one of our Regulars would be appropriate for you.

What's the route? This new, undualting 16km route starts off with a little climb up towards the Nick of Pendle, we then drop down to Higher Winds and back up to Robinson's Wood. We then cross the old Roman Road and head into New Hall Wood, across Read Heights and into Well Wood onto Black Hill Wood. Once through there we'll drop back towards Sabden across Padiham Heights, over Woodhouse Brook, past Ratten Clough before negotiating the trails around the back of Churn Clough Reservoir that sits beneath Pendle Hill. A few more intricate trails will take us back into Sabden.