Event: LTR2 - Higham
Level: Regular (Trail Lover)
Date: Saturday 20th January
Distance: 16km
Time: 8.30am Start
Guides: Rodger, Beau & Andy
Cost: From £12.50
Loyalty: 15 points

Fitness requirement: Our 'Regular' guided trail runs are set-up so runners of similar ability can enjoy each others company throughout. To book onto a 'Regular' level LTR you must be more than capable of running at a steady pace on tricky terrain for 2 hours or more. We strongly advise you to try an Intro/Taster run first if you are unsure.

Route: Heading out from Higham our 16km route takes in Reedley Hallows, Whittaker Clough, Grove Lane, Burnley Way, Spring Wood, Heald Wood, Pendle Way and Moor Isles Clough. 

Risk: Each LTR has an element of 'risk'. The very nature of trail running means varied and tricky terrain has to be negotiated. There is a responsibility on each runner to be vigilant and aware of their envirnonment at all times. The LTR guides will give a safety briefing at the start and throughout the run at appropriate times. You have the right to request advice from the LTR guide at anytime. If you choose not to take advice, or to disregard any advice so given, you do so voluntarily and accept liability. 

Etiquette: The LTR etiquette is straight forward: everyone is on the same level and must be treated with the same amount of respect. We operate in a non-competitive environment.

Footwear & Clothing: Trail running shoes are highly advised as nearly all of the route is off-road. No specialist clothing is required however we do require all runners to dress appropriately to the weather conditions of the day. We recommend a towel and a change of shoes/clothes for after the run.

Car Sharing: Please use the DISCUSSION section in our Facebook events to arrange; great for saving money in parking and petrol and you get enjoyable conversation on the way there and back.

Social Media: LTR guides take photos and videos which appear on our social media and the LTR website.

Meeting point: Barrowford Road, Higham BB12 9ER. Map

Cafe: Though we can't guarantee availability, for those who enjoy this part of the morning, this weeks location has a delightful cafe to look forward to.

Parking: Parking is available at the start location

WC's: WC's are available at the start location.

PLEASE NOTE: You can join the 'waiting list' once all 20 tickets have been allocated. 


  • Rodger - 07946 568844
  • Sarah - 07854 816244
  • Beau - 07588 609303
  • Andy - 07516 655231