The Love Trail Running ethos evolves around offering any keen runner the chance to embrace guided group trail runs. We see our guided runs as a positive alternative to competitive, organised races where the emphasis is usually on time rather than having a good time. We aim to make LTRs adventurous, fulfilling, social, appropriately challenging and most importantly good fun! Our range of groups aim to take runners to new and interesting places, to explore incredible environments whilst running along some fantastic, intricate trails - many of which they wouldn't have known existed. We promote a non-competitive environment where like-minded people can relax and enjoy the freedom guided trail running provides. The atmosphere on our group runs reflects the LTR mantra:

"It's less about beating people and more about meeting people #onthetrails"


If you join one of our guided trail runs we welcome any type of feedback. Our aim is to make all LTRs runner-focused, so if there's anything you feel we could improve please let us know. To date we're very pleased the feedback has been 100% positive, which we strive to maintain week in week out. 

Kate Woodward's Blog 

I’ve got my head around it now. I’m not paying to run. I’m paying for the privilege of being guided, of experiencing a well-thought-out and tested route, where there will be someone who knows the stile is rickety or that there’s a route that avoids the dairy herd by nipping through a ginnel. I’m paying so that I don’t have to carry a map (and my navigation skills are limited), so that I don’t have to keep stopping to weigh up the merits of turning left, right or of going straight on. I’m paying so that I’ll see the charming bridges and the ruins, so that I’ll brave the stepping stones rather than step around them. I’m paying to have things like parking and café stops seamless and sorted, and for guides with experience on the trails that even if I run for another thirty years (and I’m planning to) I could never hope to amass. I’m paying because it works for me.  Read More

Sonia De la Fuente's Blog

Monday to Friday I set my alarm for 06:10 to get up and go to work, so why on earth would I willingly set my alarm for the same time on a Saturday? The answer is simple – because I am going trail running with Love Trail Running and I love it! In fact, it is the highlight of my week.

I came across Love Trail Running after wanting to experience something different with my running. I wanted to get out of the Manchester suburbs and into the hills. Love Trail Running organise regular trail runs for runners of varying abilities and their professional guides plan the most amazing routes around the trails and countryside. Read More

Facebook reviews


To date we have had over 1000 runners join LTR events across the UK. We produce a Facebook photo album from each of our guided group runs, and people often give feedback in the comments on the photos. We also always advocate runners giving their feedback by writing a review of their experience on our Facebook page. Here is just one of our reviews, but you can see more on the 'Reviews' section of our page. Read More