Love Trail Running offer runners the chance to 'explore natures gym' with friendly, well organised, guided group trail runs. We see our unique guided runs as a positive alternative to competitive races where the emphasis is usually on a time rather than having a good time. We aim to make LTRs social, fulfilling, adventurous, appropriately challenging and most importantly good fun!

Our range of group runs take runners to new and interesting places, to explore incredible environments whilst running along some fantastic, intricate trails - many of which they wouldn't have known existed. We promote a healthy non-competitive environment where like-minded people can relax and enjoy the freedom guided trail running provides. We strive for the group atmosphere on our runs to reflect the LTR mantra:

'It's less about beating people and more about meeting people #onthetrails'

  • We offer three different ability groups. Intro (Novice), Taster (Intermediate) & Regular (Experienced)

  • Our aim is for everybody on an event to be capable of enjoying the relevant distance & intensity.

  • Carefully read 'Get Involved' and decide which type of event best suits your ability & fitness.

  • View our Intro & Taster or Regular events to see which relevant guided trail runs are currently available to book on.

  • Book onto your chosen event through our Eventbrite page or the link on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Those who book onto an event that exceeds their fitness will be guided on a few short cuts. 

  • Prepare to arrive on the day in good time, appropriately dressed and ready to hit the trails.

  • Relive your adventures through LTR blogs & photos and feel free to share your action shots!

  • Anyone who joins & completes a LTR will earn Loyalty Points - view our points table Here. 

    Please read our terms and conditions when purchasing your ticket.