Impressed with everyone's enthusiasm during today's LTR Taster - #Clitheroe. Some very wet weather in the days and hours leading up to LTR Taster Clitheroe certainly made the conditions underfoot quite tricky, but the unfavourable conditions gave way to a mild and sunny afternoon as 20 keen and energised trail runners set out from Roefield Leisure Centre. The route crossed Edisford Bridge and headed straight onto some very wet and boggy fields before passing Withgill and reaching Higher Hodder Bridge. The route then took in some wonderful trails along the wooded bank of the River Hodder and through Over Hacking Wood before crossing the river alongside the old Cromwell Bridge and heading to Mitton Green. From there the runners were guided back alongside the River Ribble and returned to the Edisford Bridge to complete just over 10km of muddy, challenging but rewarding and enjoyable trails. 

Our Taster's are not 'easy' and you certainly need to have some significant running fitness to complete one, but during these runs we always advocate everyone being accommodating for the range in #TrailRunning experience - this makes for a relaxed atmosphere. As we hoped, upon completion of our 10km route several of the group were left wanting more and are subsequently stepping up to this week's longer, more challenging LTR64 -#HaslingdenGrane. Look out for details of our next Taster which will take place on Sunday 5th Feb from the beautiful village of #Ribchester  


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