Given the forecast for Saturday morning, those who joined this week's 'Regular' didn't do too badly with the weather! LTR83 headed out from Jean's Cafe in Stubbins under grey and gloomy skies but with plenty of enthusiasm from LTR runners both new and known. Luckily for us the forecast rain didn't really materialise until the last five minutes of the run, but plenty of cloud on the moors did make visibility quite limited at times. The route was a challenging one taking in Shuttleworth before a steep climb and a loop around Harden Moor before arriving at Cheesden. Runners were then guided through clouds up onto Turf Moor and Scout Moor where we could hear (but not see) some of the turbines that form England's second largest inland wind farm. The group continued along the Rossendale Way before passing Waughs Well and descending some tricky terrain into Dearden Clough. The route then followed Dearden Brook along some beautiful trails back down the valley to Stubbins. With tricky conditions and a poor weather forecast it was great to see everyone get round the 15km route just fine and with smiles on their faces. To top it off many of the group stayed for a well-earned breakfast at the wonderful Jean's Cafe, which as expected went down a treat.