Those who booked on this week's Regular run from #Trawden were treated to glorious sunshine for the 15km of scenic trails. The intricate route had a great variety of trails and took in areas of Trawden Forest, Wycoller Country Park and passed a series of beautiful waterfalls. One of the focal points of LTR69 was 'The Atom' - one of the Lancashire Panopticon series of sculptures. Sadly, owing to vandalism, part of the sculpture has been removed and was actually on a nearby farm awaiting a £10,000 refurbishment, but luckily the route passed this large steel sphere before reaching the main site. The Atom offered amazing panoramic views of Pendle Hill and the surrounding area on a beautiful clear day, which the group enjoyed while having hydration top-up. The route then dropped back down to the village of Trawden where many of the group went for a quick brew at the lovely cyclist, runner and walker friendly Old Rock Cafe